MVCPOP stands for Miami Valley Community Problem Oriented Policing. So what is CPOP? CPOP is a process for resolving local problems through the structured engagement of community, civic, and government stakeholders who utilize a simple problem solving method. Once the problems are identified, engaged stakeholders:

  • Perform careful analysis identifying its contributing key elements
  • Develop and implement responses to resolve the problem
  • Assess the effectiveness of actions taken

crime triangleCPOP simplifies every problem or crime to a triangle (see image left). In every problem you have to have someone who causes the problem, someone who is affected by the problem, and a location where the problem occurs.

The community then builds partnerships between neighborhoods, police, city departments, and other government agencies to effectively erase one part of the triangle, getting rid of the problem. 

For more information about Problem Oriented Policing please visit www.POPCenter.org

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